1.0 Matchmaster / Range Officer / Briefing / routing slip

1.1 The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed.

1.2 One Range Officer is used per participant in each round. This accompanies the participant and ensures the correct process, then he fills out the routing slip.

1.3 The round slip is to be checked and signed by the participant after the round. If this is not signed by the participant and no objection is lodged until the end of the day / competition, the entered data are considered to be accepted.

1.4 The range officer is responsible for the correct evaluation of the lap time and the entry of all penalties for the respective participant.

1.5 Before each round there is a briefing for “ALL” participants, in which the exact procedure and the exercises to be completed and any penalties are described.

1.6 Objections and open questions / problems are processed and decided by the organizer.

2.0 penalties / disqualification

2.1 Improperly performed exercises are repeated until the range officer confirms that they have been completed correctly.

2.2 Every “MISS” say MISS SHOT in the target practice gives 10 seconds penalty.

2.3 If an exercise cannot be completed by the participant for any reason, this will be punished with penalty seconds or a physical compensation.

2.4 Warning and 30 seconds time penalty if a stop or position change takes place without a secured weapon or if the weapon is not released with the breech open (condition: unloaded).

2.5 Warning and 30 seconds penalty if the finger is in the trigger window while the shooter is not firing (e.g. change of position, change of stroke, reloading)

2.6 Gross violations of the safety rules or failure to follow clear instructions from the supervisory staff can result in disqualification, i.e. exclusion from the competition.

2.7 After the second warning, the shooter can be disqualified from the supervision or punished with another time penalty.

2.8 Cautions are valid for each round and are not carried over to the next round.

2.9 In the briefing, other penalties can be set for the respective battle

3.0 classes





4.0 clothing / personal protective equipment

4.1 There is no dress code or dress code at TAC SPORTS EUROPE. The organizer reserves the right to exclude or remove items of clothing with offensive motives or the like from the competition.

4.2 Hearing protection and safety glasses are mandatory during the entire event on the range.

4.3 Gloves are “NOT” mandatory but recommended.

4.4 Sturdy footwear or suitable footwear is required.

5.0 weapons + ammunition

5.1 Handguns can be pistols and revolvers, for example, in the 9mm or .357 Mag caliber. A maximum of 1000 joules be approved). If revolvers are used, they may only be fired DoubleAction!

5.2 Participants who bring their own weapons must have them legally and present the relevant documents upon request by the event management.

5.3 Silencers are not allowed!

5.4 Long weapons may only be transported on the premises with a * Safety Flag * and muzzle upwards, alternatively, transport is also possible in a closed container (e.g. case).

5.5 Handguns must be transported in a closed container (e.g. case) on the premises.

5.5 During shooting practice, the weapon is picked up with the breech open and without a magazine, loaded by the shooter and fired.

5.6 EVERY SHOOTER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS SHOT and must never point the gun in an unsafe direction or at a person !!!

5.7 No finger may be in the trigger window at any time when changing position or stop. When the weapon is put down, it must be secured or unloaded and the bolt must be open.

5.8 Commercial ammunition with a full casing must be used. Hollow-tip or hard-core ammunition is not permitted.

6.0 General

6.1 The consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants is not allowed during the competition. Violation has resulted in disqualification from the event.

6.2 All participants should adhere to the schedule of the event in order to support a smooth process.

6.3 All participants should prepare for their round in good time and be ready to avoid delaying the process unnecessarily.

6.4 There is free water for the participants on site! Each participant must take care of other meals themselves.

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